Healthy oat cookies

No added sugar oat, raisin and cranberry cookies

These healthy oat cookies have to be some of the easiest snacks I’ve made for a while. They’re also tasty and full of fruit – a total winner. Having a

Healthy yoghurt and fruit granola bars
Food and drink

Low fat yoghurt and fruit granola bars

Whenever I try to think of activities I can do with my children during our quality family time at weekend, baking is always something that I come back to. We

Easy cheese straws recipe, back to school healthy snacks and drinks

No fuss cheese straws: a quick and simple recipe

I got the urge to bake last weekend. I’m not the world’s best chef, but I do like to try my hand at cooking and creating recipes when I can. It’s

Strawberry and chocolate jam

Homemade strawberry and chocolate jam

Before I had children I was what you might call a ‘neat freak’. I liked a tidy home with everything in its place. I thought nothing of giving our home

Fruity muesli breakfast muffins
Food and drink

Fruity muesli breakfast cakes

An easy treat ideal for breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day. My confidence in the kitchen has been growing recently (over the last couple of months I’ve made iced shortbread biscuits,

Chocolate cake pops with mini Smarties
Food and drink

Chocolate cake pops with mini smarties

Bite-sized indulgence on a stick. With my son’s birthday just around the corner, I’ve been in a bit of a quandary. What type of birthday cake do you buy/make for

iced shortbread biscuits, recipe
Food and drink

Delicious iced shortbread biscuits

A real family favourite recipe. I’ve been in a real baking mood recently. It’s been a combination of a certain little girl turning 5-years-old and being at home during the school

Love heart-shaped pizza
Food and drink

Love heart pizza, the Italian ASK way

Give your heart (shaped pizza) to someone special this Valentine’s Day. Here’s an easy recipe, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Nothing says “I love you” than a love heart

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