Teen Titans Go! movie review

Our Teen Titans Go! movie review

One of my children’s favourite cartoons at the moment is ‘Teen Titans Go!’ If you’re not familiar with the DC comics, the Teen Titans are a group of teenage superheroes.

GoldieBlox review

GoldieBlox: making engineering fun for girls

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Goldie. No, not Goldilocks. That’s an entirely different story altogether. They may both have an inquisitive nature, but that’s where the

WatchBot security camera, CCTV

How to keep your home safe in more ways than one

A WatchBot 3.0 home security camera review. There are so many things you need to protect your home from when you’re a parent. There’s the obvious risk of burglary, but

Raising butterflies, butterfly garden

Flutter by, butterfly

Raising your own butterflies. One of Olivia and William’s favourite books has been, and continues to be, The Hungry Caterpillar. They love hearing the story of the little caterpillar that

Mother's Day cards, Baker Ross, Mum Colour-in Cards

Mum colour-in cards: an arty idea for Mother's Day

Some homemade fun to celebrate Mother’s Day. With Mother’s Day at the end of next month (March 30th for anyone who isn’t sure), have you started thinking about the type

PaperShaker personalised Christmas cards

Personalised Christmas cards with PaperShaker

Spreading some ‘unique-ness’ this Christmas. Every year at Christmas my in-laws create their own family Christmas cards. It takes a lot of effort to get done – planning the main

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