Back to school checklist
School days

Our back to school checklist

Preparing for the start of school in September. In 5 weeks - 35 days to be exact, not that I'm counting - I will officially become a school mum. Despite
back to school
School days

Back to school: the morning routine

A back to school gripe. It's been 2-and-a-half weeks since Olivia went back to school. I wasn't sure how she would cope with the leap from Reception to Year One.
Summer holiday highlights, days out

Our 2014 summer holiday highlights

Looking back at how we staved off boredom during the summer. With children now back at school, a collective sigh of relief can be heard across the country, if you
child, bed

An unexpected weekend guest

A last-minute sleepover. Arriving home earlier this evening, tired after a long working week, I had hardly stepped over the threshold of my home when I heard Olivia calling out
School nativity
School days

The first school nativity

A proud parent moment with some survival tips thrown in. With my daughter Olivia now firmly ensconced into her schooling routine, this month saw the inevitable school nativity play. It
Chez Mummy family

Growing pains

When did they grow up? Once upon a time there was a Mum with 2 beautiful babies.  They were the happiest babies anyone could wish for and the mother loved