A couple of weeks ago, my family and I flew to the U.S to enjoy 11 blissful days in Orlando, Florida.

We had such an amazing time, it really was a dream holiday.

I couldn’t talk about it in the run-up to, or during, our break because of an ordered social media black-out by my father-in-law. He was worried about home security because the whole family went there together. However, now we’re back, be prepared to see a few posts about our trip!

Before I get into how wonderful our holiday was, this post is dedicated to the one thing I was most nervous about ahead of it: the flight.

It takes roughly 9 hours to fly from London to Orlando. Wth it being my children’s first time on an airplane, I was worried about how they would behave.

The question of how you keep kids quiet on a long flight played on my mind during the months leading up to our holiday.

In an effort to avoid Olivia and William getting bored and cranky mid-air, I came up with a few ideas which I hoped would work.

You’ll have to watch the video to find out everything that I took on the flight with us, but some of my ideas included:

  • An activity book with 2,000 stickers courtesy of Parragon Books
  • Arts and craft kits
  • Animal snap
  • Educational workbooks
  • A ‘Where in the world are we?’ travel journal from stationery store, Smiggle
  • Colouring-in bags

Another thing we took, which I forgot to mention in my video, was a Trunki for each child. They are the perfect size for hand luggage and you can get a lot inside them. I was able to pack a few clothes (in case our suitcases got lost – it can happen) as well as all of the flight activities for Olivia and William.

How successful were my ideas?

Were my children little angels or absolute terrors during the 9 hour flight to Florida? As promised in my earlier video, I filmed our flight so you can see for yourself…

Do you have any more ideas on how to keep kids quiet on a long flight?