There’s no getting away from it any more. Christmas is next month. Next month!

If that’s not scary enough, wait until I tell you that Christmas Day is exactly 6 weeks away today. Yep, go and check and your calendar!

It’s an expensive time of year, especially if you have a lot of people to buy for. I normally try to plan ahead to make Christmas shopping as stress-free as possible, but I admit that I’ve taken my eye off the ball this year. It’s why there’s now only 6 weeks to go and I’m slightly panicking about what to buy.

The ‘big stuff’ is sorted for my family – I know exactly what I want to get my husband and children for their main presents – but it’s ideas for stocking fillers that I need. We also believe that every child deserves to feel special at Christmas, which is why we’re compiling a few charity shoeboxes of gifts to give to less fortunate children who have very little.

I need some inexpensive gift ideas and fast!

Cheap Christmas gifts for a fiver.

In the midst of my mild panicking I was thrown a potential lifeline. The lovely folk over at BritMums challenged me to find interesting Christmas gifts from the Sports Direct website. The catch? All gifts had to cost £5 or less.

I was apprehensive – after all, Sports Direct only sells sports clothes, bags and cheap trainers, don’t they? – but I thought I’d give it a go. Anything that encourages me to focus on finding cheap Christmas gifts and stocking fillers rather than bury my head in the sand has to be a good thing.

The first thing that struck me when I landed on their website was the huge variety of gifts and accessories available. I’ve only tended to think about Sports Direct when I’ve needed to buy something sports-related and always go to our local store rather than online, but I may change my habit from now on.

The second thing that struck me was how affordable everything is. I used the search facility on the left-hand side of the page to only look for items costing up to the princely sum of £5 and couldn’t believe how much came up. Not only is there TONS of stuff available for a fiver, but lots of other things reduced down to that amount too.

Take a look at everything I discovered online for £5 or less.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Star Wars Stormtrooper pyjamas for kids (currently £4.99, reduced from £19.99)
  2. Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop City Rides (currently £4.50, down from £9)
  3. Large print word search puzzle book (£3.49)
  4. Two mini magnetic scribblers (currently £2.10 each, reduced from £3)
  5. Mini bubble wand (£1.49 for a 177ml tube)
  6. Mr Grumpy mug and shower gel set (£4.99)

I spent £23.66 in total, which increased to £28.65 once the standard delivery charge had been added. Sports Direct doesn’t offer free delivery, not even for orders over a certain amount of money, which is disappointing because it’s something I’d normally expect. I recommend getting as much shopping done in one go as possible to avoid paying multiple delivery charges.

What I thought of my Christmas gifts from Sports Direct.

It only took a few days for my order to arrive and I’m pleased with all of the purchases. The bubble wand and 2 magnetic scribblers are being donated to charity as part of 2 boxes of Christmas gifts and I’m happy that they’re good enough quality for young children to get some use from them. I actually wish I’d bought more bubble wands because that was a nice, fun and fairly weighty item.

My children both love word searches so the puzzle books will be a hit at Christmas. My son will be getting the Star Wars PJs and I’m really pleased with the quality of them. They feel soft, but durable (and I almost wish I could have bought them in my size). Meanwhile, my daughter – a big Littlest Pet Shop fan – will be over the moon with the City Rides set, particularly as the animal included is her all-time favourite animal.

Would I buy gifts from Sports Direct again? Hell yeah. I actually had lots more in my shopping basket originally and I had to force myself to slim it down. There is definitely good value to be had, especially if you look out for the more expensive items that have been reduced right down. Just bear in mind the delivery charge issue when you’re shopping.


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