The scourge that is head lice (nits).

It was just another school day. The same old routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, unbeknown to me, it was all about to change.

Olivia came out of school carrying a letter in her school bag. The letter that no parent really wants to get.

School letter about head lice, nits

It’s an inevitable part of school life and I suppose I should be grateful that we’ve managed this long, but I was kind of hoping it’d still be a while before I was handed this note. Head lice really aren’t the sort of visitors I want brought into my home.

Thankfully, I’ve got my ‘battle supplies’ all ready in case I need to sort out these pesky blighters anytime soon.

Before Christmas I was sent a bottle of shampoo from the Lyclear head lice treatment range. Not thinking too much about it and not needing it at the time, I popped it into my bathroom cabinet.

That evening, the night of the dreaded school letter, I plucked the Lyclear box from my cabinet and studied it closely, hoping that I might be able to use it to prevent head lice in the first place. Sadly the shampoo doesn’t work like that. However, I was pleased to see a nit comb included with the shampoo – I ┬ámay not be able to prevent head lice coming home, but at least it means I can perform regular ‘hair patrols’ and take action as soon as an ‘enemy’ is in sight.

So here at The Brat Race we’re on high alert. I’m combing Olivia’s hair with the nit comb regularly and hoping beyond hope that she stays a party of one, so to speak.

Do you have any tips on dealing with nits?