A review of the latest Febreze winter collection range.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Mulled wine warming on the stove.

Fragrant Christmas trees glistening in candlelight.

The smell of roasting turkey wafting through the home.

All aboard the Santa Express

I have so many happy memories of Christmas.

And almost all of them can be remembered by a smell.

A whiff of Babycham takes me back to being 7-years-old and being allowed a small sip of the stuff from my mother’s glass for the first time.

The aroma of bacon on Christmas morning not only makes me drool, but also reminds me of the crispy bacon my mum would cook with the turkey – my favourite part of our Christmas meal.

Every time I catch the scent of fresh pine needles I can recall how my father bought a Christmas tree too large for our living room one year and had to spend quite some time sawing it down so that we could get it through the door and into the room.

Yes, so many happy memories.

To me, Christmas wouldn’t quite be Christmas without scents like these.

If only those smells could be bottled up and kept.

Oh wait, they kind of can.

Fragrant air fresheners, scented candles and oil diffusers are all the rage, bringing a whole range of scents right into your home.

Right now I’m enjoying filling my house with the aroma of apple and spice thanks to my Febreze scented candle, oil diffuser and air freshener.

Febreze winter collection

The Christmassy scent reminds me of the first time I tried mulled wine as I sat taking a break from the outdoor ice skating with the beautiful sight of Hampton Court Palace behind me.

And the whiff of mince pies fresh from the cupboard oven.

One of the best thing about this range though, is that it doesn’t just mask other, less than lovely smells, it actually neutralises them. That’s especially handy when you have 2 indoor cats like I have.

The Febreze winter collection range comes in a variety of aromas, including  apple and spice, vanilla latte and winter garden. They’re reasonably priced compared with some other brands: at time of writing, the main supermarkets are selling the apple and spice scented candle at a discounted rate of roughly £2 each.

What’s your favourite Christmas-time smell?

Please note: I was sent a range of apple and spice scented Febreze products for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are all mine and are ten0% honest.