At the weekend I drove a few hundred miles to deposit my children with my parents for one week.

Yep, that’s right. I am now officially child-free for one whole week. It’s an adventure for Olivia and William, a treat for their grandparents and free childcare for us – a win all round!

The thing is, the summer holidays can be tricky to balance when you’re a working parent. My husband and I aren’t able to take the entire summer off to care for Olivia and William so we need to find other ways around it. With my children now aged 8 and 6, we felt it was right this year to let them stay with their ‘long-distance’ grandparents.

Olivia and William are, of course, super excited. They couldn’t wait to get to their grandparents’ house and shoo me out of the door. I can’t blame them with views like this.

English countryside

English countryside

It’s also totally understandable because they don’t get to see my parents very often. They live far away so when we visit it feels like a real treat. This is also the longest visit they’ve had with my parents and their first adventure without Mum and Dad.

It’s yet another step towards independence for them both – sob!

Free childcare

Leaving my children behind was a strange feeling. My husband and I enjoy the odd child-free weekend from time-to-time – if you have time, feel free to read why I think child-free weekends rock – but this is the longest I’ll be away from them.

I hope they both have lots of fun and I have every confidence in my mum and dad (mainly my mum) that I will get two fully functioning children back at the end.

As for me? It’s rather exciting to have a week with few responsibilities.

Here’s what I thought I might do with my child-free week –

  • Enjoy some lie-ins
  • Go for drinks after work
  • Have date nights with my husband
  • Go to the cinema to watch a late-night film
  • Eating all the food I normally can’t because I’m trying to be a good role model.
  • Use ALL the swear words.

Here’s what I will probably end up doing with my child-free week –

  • Get up early, as usual (I still have to work to do)
  • Go straight home after work (the cats still need to be fed)
  • Watching TV in my PJs with my husband at home, as usual (I’m not missing Game of Thrones for anything or anyone!)
  • Eat lots of salad and avoid foods that are too fatty or high in salt and/or sugar (my husband and I are on a healthy eating kick)

Basically, it’ll be life as per usual! If you were me, how would you spend a child-free week?