We’ve just had one of the best weekends.

We didn’t go anywhere amazing, or do anything out of the ordinary. We actually spent the weekend holed up at home while snow fell all around us.

To be honest, it was a pretty unremarkable weekend. That is, except for one thing – we had some special company.

My sister and my two nephews.

What makes this so special is that my nephews are roughly the same age as Olivia and William, but they don’t get to see each other very often because they live so far away. The four cousins get on so well though and are a proper little gang. When they all get together it’s like they’ve never been apart. It sounds corny, but it makes my heart sing every time I see them all together. I also feel guilty that they can’t have those moments more often. I think that’s why I value the moments that they do have: I know how happy it makes Olivia and William and so it makes me happy too.

Joyful family moments

I was worried that the snow warnings would mean our plans would be cancelled, but thankfully they still came.

My children were so excited and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

Joyful family moments

When they arrived, lots of excited squeals and shouts ensued. My cats ran for cover – they could already tell it was going to be a noisy weekend!

We may have been at the mercy of the weather this weekend, but it didn’t stop play. With them all at an age where computer games are becoming more attractive and playable, they opted straight away to team up and race (virtually speaking, of course). It’s the quietest I’ve ever known them to be!

Joyful family moments

It didn’t last long – of course not! – as the craving for some imaginative play took over. There was also another craving at play – hunger.

All four cousins ‘tooled up’ and set off on a new quest. A quest to conquer the biscuit tin!

Apparently, I was the evil overlord of the biscuits who must be defeated at all costs. Well, that certainly seemed to be the case judging by how many times they ran after me with their (thankfully, foam) weapons.

Joyful family moments

After being pretend killed about a billion times, I admitted defeat and they won the battle for the biscuit tin.

The reward for this group of worthy winners was well earned. Adventuring can be hungry work, after all. Thankfully, I had just the thing to satisfy their cravings: Oreo cookies!

Joyful family moments

Who doesn’t love Oreos? These cookies are a perfect size for small hands and great as a tasty occasional treat. They fuelled up the kids for more playtime while us grown-ups valued the time spent eating, mainly because we could rest!

After a quick break (and another cookie), the call of the snow proved too much. Olivia, William and their cousins bundled up into their coats and gloves and head outdoors for a run around.

I’ll give you three guesses which parent drew the short straw and had to go outside with them. Yep, that’s right. Me. Not my most favourite part of the day, but the four of them loved it.

Joyful family moments

I won’t lie, Olivia, William and their cousins tore through the house this past weekend like a whirlwind. There was so much energy and so much noise, I loved it. I honestly feel that moments like these – simple moments like these – can be so special. I hope my children value and cherish the time they have with their cousins and I hope they never lose their closeness.

As far as special quests go, it turns out that my children and their cousins aren’t the only ones who enjoy them. Oreo is actually celebrating a quest of its own at the moment. Called ‘The Great Oreo Cookie Quest’, lucky shoppers have the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to California and the Googleplex (Google’s HQ).

Joyful family moments


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