One of my children’s favourite cartoons at the moment is ‘Teen Titans Go!’

If you’re not familiar with the DC comics, the Teen Titans are a group of teenage superheroes. They are Beast Boy (who can turn into any animal), Cyborg (part human, part robot), Raven (a half demon) and Starfire (an alien princess). The Titans are led by Robin, AKA Batman’s crime fighting sidekick.

This bunch of superhero misfits are the stars of Teen Titans Go! – an animated cartoon series broadcast on Cartoon Network and CITV.

With the film industry’s current penchant for superhero movies, it’s no real surprise that this animated bunch would eventually get their own film. We went to an advance viewing and my children were over the moon to get an early sneak peek.

But would it actually be any good?

Teen Titans Go! movie review

Teen Titans Go! movie review

First off, it’s not your regular superhero film and definitely not your regular DC superhero film. It’s not dark, sombre or brooding. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t afraid to make fun of the whole superhero thing either.

In the film, Robin is desperate for fame and glory. He wants to step out from behind Batman’s cape and be a superhero in his own right. But Hollywood’s leading director only sees him as a sidekick.

There are hijinks aplenty as the Teen Titans try to help Robin achieve his ambition of getting his own superhero movie. They also have to contend with an arch-nemesis called Slade (cue¬†lots of¬†Deadpool jokes: in the DC comics, Slade’s full name is Slade Wilson – compared with Deadpool’s Wade Wilson – and is a mercenary and assassin – sound familiar? Worth noting that DC created Slade Wilson first).

Is it a film worth checking out? Watch our quick review and see what you think.

‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ is released in cinemas across the UK from Friday 3 August. This may be an animated movie, but there are laughs to be had for both children and parents. There are some nice nods to classic films of the past (particularly Back to the Future) and watch out for Stan Lee’s cameo!