Chez Mummy's version of the Food Standard Agency's 'Eatwell Plate' for fussy eaters
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Why is my child a picky eater?

And the award for fussiest eater in the whole world goes to… If there was some sort of medal for world’s pickiest eater, my son would wear it with pride.


Surviving toddler tantrums

William is nearly 17-months-old now.  He’s a lovely, funny, chatty, relaxed (most of the time) little boy…with the most amazing ability to throw the most dramatic tantrums ever.Seriously.The term, “terrible

How to survive the cinema with a toddler

Yesterday was the first time that Olivia had stepped inside a cinema. She’s 2 years old, but soon to turn 3. Up until now, my husband and I had thought

Getting ready for winter, winter weather, snow

Preparing for a winter wonderland

Refusing to be caught out by the weather this year. The weather has been fairly mild of late, only recently getting colder.  It’s finally starting to sink in for me

Guy Fawkes, babymoon, fireworks, family life

Guy Fawkes Night: how young is too young for fireworks?

I’ve recently been asked whether fireworks are unsuitable for a 2-year-old. It took me back to last year’s Guy Fawkes Night when Olivia saw her very first firework display. Olivia’s first